2005-03-07 - Cat Island, Bahamas - Hawks Nest - February 27, 2005 - 148# Wahoo!
For those who haven't heard or seen it on the internet yet, the OVER UNDER boated a unusually large wahoo recently. We hosted a make up charter consisting of John Eppehimer, John Eppehimer Sr., John Burkle, Bill Davis, and Scott Thorpe, over the last weekend in February. This is a group of regular customers all from the Philadelphia area. John Eppehimer originally set the trip up to do promotional work for his most recent project www.sportfishermen.com. Man did these guys hit it right.... On the second day of their trip, they hooked into their second wahoo of the day, having had the first one taken by the sharks. The fish bit in 80' of water, and no one thought they had much of a chance against the sharks given that it was hooked so shallow. Well, the fish took off and close to spooled the Shimano 50, spooled with wire, before they were finally able to back down hard and get line back on the reel. Everyone figured they had gotten "sharked", but eventually they realized they may actually still be fighting a nice hoo...they had no idea how nice until they saw it come up to the back of the boat. Scott Thorpe was on the rod, John Eppehimer leadered the fish, while Bill Davis sunk the first gaff, quickly followed by a larger one from Capt. Pete. The fish was landed at about 11:00am, and finally weighed in at Hawks Nest at 5:00pm. It tipped the scales at 148.5 pounds...the largest hoo we've heard of being taken in quite some time. The fish bit on the flat line, pulling a Blue Water TB2, in Green and Black. The TB2 is one in a series of great wahoo lures produced by Ray McConnell of Rays offshore in Boca Raton, FL, its about 12 inches long and weights 12 ounces. These lures just seem to attract big fish. Below are a few pictures of the beast!