2005-02-25 - Cat Island, Bahamas Fishing Report- Hawks Nest - February 23, 2005
Things have finally started to take a significant turn for the better. Offshore the wahoo are back. I saw several fish in the 70# class come to the dock on Wednesday, along with others in the 35-55# range. Cedar Plugs and the Blue Water Eagle seem to be the ticket. Smaller yellowfin, 15-20#, continue to be around and dolphin are being caught here and there as well. Boats have also been running to fish the point off the north end of Long Island and doing well with dolphin tuna. The wind has gone SE for a few days now and that for sure has helped the fishing. Hopefully as we come off the moon and if the wind can keep SE for a while longer, we should be back into red hot action for the new moon in early March. Inshore, the bonefishing continues to be fantastic. Most of the guests have been choosing half days and picking the best of the tides. The least number I\'ve heard being caught is 2 and the high was 7, and everone is getting a chance to throw at 20+ fish. Fish continue to average 3-5 pounds, but some larger fish are being caught as well. One experienced angler released fish measuring 17, 21, and 22 inches, as well as 4 other smaller fish. All these fish were caught on the \"Crazy Charlie\" fly.