2009-05-09 - Dolphins are here
The week was full of life. The Dolphin have started to move in closer to the reef edge, close to 300 feet of water. The Gulf Stream has pushed way in due to all the east wind we have been getting over the last couple of weeks. The water is a beautiful blue and just a trickle of current running to the north east. The water temps are in the mid to upper 70âs and the visibility is about 100â. We mostly fished for the Dolphins this week had plenty of schoolieâs and several nice 25lbâs plus. We have to do a lot of sight fishing and if we get real lucky we sometimes find a nice floater, which is usually loaded with Wahoo and Dolphin this time of the year. Not much grass yet just a few trickle lines here and there. We just troll two baits while searching for the birds, once we find them we like to point towards the SW and usually they will follow us. The later part of the week we were able to anchor down and be real productive on the reef. The yellowtails are eating very well had our limit in two hours today which was around 90 fish at an average size of 2 to 3 lbs. We have also been finding some nice Black Groupers along with a steady bit of Mutton Snappers. On a final note my brother Jeff has had some pretty great happenings this week First he is now a Captain and will be working with OUA year round down here in the Keys. Mostly skiff and center con.trips. He has been doing very well with the Tarpon and the Shark fishing is getting real good Black Tips, Hammerheads and Bull sharks. And lastly he is getting married today Oh Boy, Jennifer is her name and she is a great person so best of luck to both of you from all of us here at OUA.