2009-05-02 - Slow week
Not a whole lot to report this week from down here in the Keys. The weather got us most of the week 25 and gusty not much fun. However we did fish later in the week, the water is still gin clear and very little current which as you have learned by now this is not good. We had to put our time in and lots of hard work but we managed to put a nice catch together each day. The yellowtails are a little bit smaller now with all the spawning going on and with the water so clear they really donĂ¢€™t like to play. We also caught a few groupers on live cigar minnows. Yesterday and today we spent the mornings offshore catching some schoolie dolphin 3 to 8lbs get table fare. The groups have all been happy and have had plenty of fresh fish to eat. Capt. Jeff has done a few trips in the evening for Tarpons has had several great bites and even managed to capture a few, this should do nothing but get better as the season has just begun.