2009-04-26 - Over Under Weekly Fishing Report

April 26, 2009

Bahamas Fishing - Abacos Fishing Report

Great Spring Fishing!!

     Well spring is here and so are the fish! This is always my favorite time to fish in the Bahamas. Usually from April 15th to May 25th or so fishing always is pretty consistent. From wahoo to dolphin and yellowfin to billfish….. they’re all here.

     This week we pretty much fished every day out there. We have been pretty much fishing off the edge in the deeper contours off of the Abacos. We have hit various spots such as Little Abaco Canyon, the twin dips, the flattop and hole in the wall. We have started to see billfish now on a regular basis and had a chance at catching a slam for the week. We have seen more whites as usual for this time of year but we did have a shot at a blue before jumping him off. An unexpected bite this week from a billfish turned out to be a shortbill spearfish. If you have never seen one before they are the coolest looking fish. We did manage to catch a white also this week.

     As usual the dolphin are here in full force as we are getting plenty every day. Top fish of the week turned out to be 53 lbs. Also one day it was slow offshore so we came back into the edge off of Guana Cay and boated a nice hoo at 60 lbs. So your options are endless for this time of year!!!!

    Trip To Hole In The Wall

Well if you have never fished there it is well worth  the trip. Hole in the Wall lies on the  southern point of the Abacos and has some of the best structure in the Bahamas. The Southeast point here goes out about 4 miles to the tip. Every time I have been here it has been awesome, and needless to say we had another great time there.  There are no marinas within 30 miles of here and typically have the whole place to yourself. As soon as we got there setting out the spread we had a double header of nice dolphin. Shortly after that we had a white marlin on our long rigger which we did manage to catch. We continued to have over 80 bites fishing down there releasing in upwards of 40 dolphin to about 35 lbs. Simply unbelievable and one of the MUST FISH destinations for any body out there. We also did have one more white marlin bite which we did miss. All in all an awesome day and well worth the trip!!!

     We are continuing to see a good bit of white marlin move in throughout the Bahamas. The blues are just behind them as we just need the water temps to come up a bit. We are still hovering around the 76 degree range here in the Abacos. I expect dolphin fishing to remain insane and we should continue seeing at least one billfish per day. Tight Lines!!!

Captain Joe Trainor - LOW PROFILE

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Islamorada Fishing Report

Lots of changes happening all around us. Migration is a very intriguing and educational experience, especially when you have the opportunity we have here in the Florida Keys. Both land and sea patterns are wild to witness. The land life brings out plenty of new bird life as the Gannets and several others continue their travels to the North and it’s funny because out of nowhere almost all the pelicans are gone. Only to be replaced with lots of noisy parrots.  And everywhere you turn you happen to see some type of spawning going on……. Now the sea life is the same, everything is spawning and very hungry! The reef has been alive with so many different species, some we rarely get to see...Scamp groupers, Whale Sharks and several types of Rock Hinds.

This week of fishing was good over all, not much to report on the Sails as we have lost those conditions. The bait has been more than plentiful, lots of cigar minnows, sardines and ballyhoo, along with Speedo’s. A typical day with us this week was to catch bait and find a good spot to anchor down. The yellowtails have been super for us all week with limits every day {10pp}. We have also enjoyed something different on the bottom each day, it’s been pretty wild. One day we fished the Mist and had a great bite on with the Gag Groupers then two days later the Muttons took over so you never know what you will find. Same thing, 6 miles above that we fish a pretty neat spot along the reef edge on the 94 line. One day we had the Muttons then three days later we had some nice Black Groupers. The Offshore report has been hit or miss, didn’t hear any good catches so still a little slow on the Dolphin and there has been some Black fin Tunas in the 10lb class. Oh ya, the Permit have shown up too, real nice ones up to 40 lbs. We catch them on live crabs, spot casting to them on top of a wreck in 100’ of water. The wind has been tough for us still. The last two days it's been blowing 25 and gusty out of the ENE. Too bad the current is nearly gone and what little we have is running SW. This coming week we have some day trips and then headed to the Tortugas on Friday so I sure hope the weather breaks for us. Oh, one more thing, the TARPON bite has started! Capt Jeff tells me the night bite has been best and the bait of choice so far has been Mullets.

Capt.John Oughton - THAT'S RIGHT
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Audio Fishing Report

New Updates for Bahamas and Florida Keys Fishing! Take a listen to this week's reports and listen first hand what's biting!

April 24 - Great Reef Fishing - THAT'S RIGHT
April 24 - Dolphin are Thick - LOW PROFILE
April 24 - Real Time Report - Hole in the Wall - LOW PROFILE
April 23 - Short Bill Spear Fish Today - LOW PROFILE
April 22 - Nice 50lb Hoo on Full Day - LOW PROFILE
April 21 - Starting to see Abacos Billfish - LOW PROFILE
April 20 - Abacos Canyon Full Day Trip - LOW PROFILE


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