2009-04-25 - Florida Keys Fishing - Migration is name of game
Lots of changes happening all around us. Migration is a very intriguing and educational experience, especially when you have the opportunity we have here in the Florida Keys. Both land and sea the patterns are wild to witness. The land life brings out plenty of new bird life as the Gannets and several others continue there travels to the North and it�s funny because out of nowhere almost all the pelicans are gone. Only to be replaced with lots of noisy parrots. And everywhere you turn you happen to see some type of spawning going on��. Now the sea life is the same, everything is spawning and very hungry! The reef has been alive with so many different species, some we rarely get to see, Scamp groupers, Whale Sharks and several types of Rock Hinds. The week of fishing was good over all, not much to report on the Sails we have lost those condition. The bait has been more then plentiful, lots of cigar minnows, sardines and ballyhoo, along with Speedo�s. A typical day with us this week was to catch bait and find a good spot to anchor down. The yellowtails have been super for us all week limits every day {10pp}. We have also enjoyed something different on the bottom each day it�s been pretty wild. One day we fished the Mist and had a great bite on with the Gag Groupers then two days later the Muttons took over so you never know what you will find. Same thing, 6 miles above that we fish a pretty neat spot along the reef edge on the 94 line. One day we had the Muttons the three days later we had some nice Black Groupers. The Offshore report has been hit or miss, didn�t hear any good catches so still a little slow on the Dolphin and there has been some Black fin Tunas in the 10lb class. Oh ya the Permit have shown up too, real nice ones up to 40 lbs. We catch them on live crabs, spot casting to them on top of a wreck in 100� of water. The wind has been tough us still the last two days its been blowing 25 and gusty out of the ENE, to bad the current is nearly gone and what little we have is running SW. This coming week we have some day trips and then headed to the Tortugas on Friday so I sure hope the weather breaks for us. Oh one more thing the TARPON bite has started, Capt Jeff tells me they night bite has been best and the bait of choice so far has been Mullets.