2009-04-19 - Over Under Weekly Fishing Report

Over Under Weekly Fishing Update


Sailfish, Sailfish and more Sailfish!! That was the game this week and what a great time it was. The weather and the fish finally agreed with each other. So you understand what I’m talking about let me explain.

We enjoyed what we call tailing condition. This is when we have a real strong northeast current running into east or northeast wind. The seas can get pretty rough but the fish love it all up on top, swimming down sea into the current. You can see them coming from a pretty good distance which helps to have the boat in position. The tailing started on Monday and everybody had double digits, I don’t think anyone saw less than 50 plus fish as they were everywhere. Tuesday was okay. In the morning most had at least 4 to 6, we had 5 and the wind just fell right out. We did also score a real nice Bull dolphin which was around 35lbs along with his buddy who was only about 10lb, both ate live ballyhoo. The rest of the day we went in and caught our limit of Yellowtails up to 4lbs. We did catch one that was 5 ½ lbs...a Lunker!

Wednesday the weather was too nice so we decided to do some reef fishing and we did with great success as both That’s Right and the CC fished and both of us had super catches of yellowtail. Capt Andrew fishing the CC had several nice Mutton Snappers and lost a nice grouper. TR, well, we lost a nice Cobia but did manage our limit of large tails and 1 sailfish.

The rest of the week, Friday and today, left us chasing the Sails once again. The wind is blowing 20 out of the NE so here we go...average has been 6 to 12 per boat so that has been a great way to close out Sailfish season. Now we should be moving into Dolphin real soon as there’s been a few guys out there in the middle of the week when the wind laid out and had some success, mostly on a pc of dabre. The biggest one I heard of this week was 52lbs.

We are a little quiet for the next few days and then we start up with a few Tortugas trips as well as some more swordfishing.

P.S. If ANYONE is interested I need two or three people to help out with the Shark Tournament on June 18 &19th...if so give me a shout. Thanks!

Capt.John Oughton - THAT'S RIGHT

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Dock Fishing

Bahamas Fishing - Abacos Fishing Report

They’re Here!!!

Well, as usual the dolphin have arrived like clockwork. They usually arrive here in full force in  April and the bite usually lasts about 5 weeks. It seems they are in full force as we caught a bunch. 

We had some great fishing as we had one lunker up on the teaser . It was almost impossible to get him off the teaser but we finally did and this one tipped the scale at 53 lbs. Our largest of the year so far!

The dolphin bite usually signals us for the start of billfish season. With all the bait and dolphin around we are starting to target them in the upcoming weeks. We also did sneak out for just  a few hours the other day boating a nice 55 lb yellowfin.

We have been fishing around Guana Cay in the early part of the week as we boated some nice yellowfin and dolphin in there. However today I moved down towards Man o War as some ugly green water was at Guana. Everything looked great down there as that is where we caught our dolphin today.

Here are some pics of the nice dolphin today. We need this one for the Cat Island tourney in just a few short weeks!!!!


Captain Joe Trainor
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