2009-04-12 - Thing are looking better
All well down here in sunny Florida. The weather is starting to get back to sometime of normal pattern for us the winds have been up and down all week. One day its blow’ in 20 to 25 then drop right out in the evening time. The first of the week I was unable to go swording day or night, however the rest of the week was pretty good. The snapper fishing has been outstanding with our limits just about every day this week, as a matter of fact today was the hardest, it was quite the struggle for both side’s ocean and gulf. The fish just didn’t want to eat had green water with lots of bait in it and the sailfish were free jumping most of the day but no takers. There were just a few of us out and we all encountered the same thing, really nothing was biting very well. Anyhow the rest of the week was great; we also had some real nice Black groupers up to 18lbs. We caught them by means of live bait. Andrew was drifting back small yellowtails with about 4oz of lead, deadly! And the way grouper fishing has been of late we were very happy catching several keepers this week. The yellowtail are getting ready to spawn so they are eating very well been only having to use chum and dead shrimp on small jig head have been the ticket. The kids have been having a blast, as well as the adults it’s hard not to enjoy this kind of catching because we all know these types of days are what keep the little ones wanting more!! We have also started seeing the Permit’s on the larger wrecks. Ranging from 15 to 40lbs, these fish are amazing. We like to use live crabs about the size of a silver dollar, with straight 20lb line. Just to give you an idea of the power behind these fish a 30lb can sometimes take over an hour! We were able to get in a few more night sword trips but unfortunately with were unable to put some more in the boat. The 411 on the swords this month have been the same from Key West to Miami sorta slow on this moon the current was very strong we drifted at about 3 knots every night this doesn’t help. However we did have at least one quality bite every night we went so I can’t complain everybody was happy. Well Happy Easter and be safe.