2009-03-22 - Over Under Bahamas Fishing Report

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Captain John is currently representing Over Under up in Somerset, NJ this weekend. He will be putting together a fishing report on our main site on Monday in conjunction with Captain Andrew's reports so please be on the lookout for that!


New Updates for Bahamas and Florida Keys Fishing! Take a listen to this week's reports and hear first hand what's biting!

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Pictured to Right > Great Abacos Bottom Fishing!

Bahamas Fishing - Abacos Fishing Report

What a week !!!  Marlin and Muttons!!!

Wow what a week we had here! After that strong southeasterly flow we had a feeling there may be a few bills around. We had a prolonged SE wind this week for over 8 days. This is typical May, June weather so I was thinking it may have pushed a couple early season bills our way.  We headed far offshore (12 miles)  to a hump to look for some yellowfin . When we arrived we found some nice 70 lb fish skying through the air. I thought it was going to be just a matter of seconds but we just couldn’t get a bite out of them. Tried pretty much everything but they were moving too fast and too far offshore. Oh well, till next time.  Shortly after I decided to head back in and fish off of Nunjack Cay hoping to make the day. Shortly after setting the spread we had our first white of the season come up on the long rigger. It took a little to get him to eat as we had to slow the boat down while Thomas did an excellent job feeding him. This was our first marlin release of the season, a bit early for the Abacos.

We had a little cold front come through this week which got the normal northeasterly flow going and the wahoo were quick to react. It seems once that wind switches to the north they start aggressively feeding again. We ventured out in the NE winds and quickly went 1-3 in about 40 minutes time. It was a bit choppy so we decided to come back in the Sea of Abaco for some bottom fishing.

Bottom fishing this week was nothing short of spectacular.  Most days we are anchoring on some wrecks located in 25 feet of water. Here we seem to easily catch our live ballyhoos needed for the ledges. Also while on the inshore wrecks we continue to see some black grouper, yellowtails, macks, and mangrove snapper. After we had been catching out bait we have found some nice ledges dropping from 12 to 28 feet. Fishing these ledges was spectacular this week. We are easily catching as many 2 to 3 lb yellowtails as you want. While tailing we are dropping some live ballyhoos and fresh conch slop to the bottom for some excellent mutton fishing. We caught some really nice ones this week with 2 or 3 over the 10 lb mark. We are also catching a couple grouper on each trip as we boated a 28 inch yellowfin grouper this week as well as some nice Nassau grouper which are finally back in season.

Outlook for this week is wahoo. We are expecting a very strong front at the beginning  of the week  and that should get them going again. As long as we get out the fishing should be hot and heavy.

Until next week… tight lines!!! 
Captain Joe Trainor
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