2009-03-17 - First 2009 Bahamas Billfish for Low Profile
Decided to switch it up a bit today and started well offshore (12 miles and looked for some yellowfin on an offshore hump. We found them and they were big but they were moving way too fast and way offshore. When we did get in the middle of them it seemed they wanted nothing to doi with our spred as we threw the book at them. After giving it a valiant effort I decided to head back to the egde and hope to get lucky there. Well it didnt take long as we had a nice white come up on our long rigger (black and purple zuker feather). It took him a while to eat as we had to slow down 2 knots to get him as Thomas did a great job feeding him. It seems there is starting to be some billfish around with the southeasterly flow lately. For that reason we pulled the wahoo weights and rigs out of the water on hopes for an early season bill. We caught the white in 180 feet of water just off of manjack cay. Back at it tomorrow and hope to get lucky again!!!