2009-03-16 - Awesome fishing in the Sea of Abaco

We ran 2 half day trips the past couple days and had some spectacular fishing in the backwater. We had some kids on board looking for their first ever fish. We have recently found a couple of great ledges with a drop from 12 to 28 feet. Anchoring on the deeper side of the ledge has produced excellent yellowtailing to 3 lbs. While having 2 rods for yellowtails we have been dropping to the bottom with a knocker rig for muttons with the bait of choice being conch slop. We are getting some nice ones on every trip there now. While dropping to the bottom , we got slammed today which we knew was a nicer fish. Getting it out of the rocks was key and were greeted by a 25 inch Nassau grouper. They are finally back in season now and can be kept for some excedllent table fare.
The reports will be coming fast and furious now as we are pretty much fishing every day for the next 60 days.

Captain Joe Trainor on the Low Profile