2009-03-01 - Over Under Weekly Report

Over Under Weekly Fishing Update



February 24, 2009

Sure is nice to be back in the warm sunshine and good fishing. The last few days have been quite nice, with temps in the high 70's, sea temps are a perfect 73.5 with light winds. Capt Andrew ran the boat last Sunday and had a super trip. He started out catching his bait, cigar minnows and ballyhoo just above the Alligator Lighthouse in 15' of water. Bait was nice and easy for a change, two tosses of the 14' and the guy's were all set. Andrew fished up the line a little and drifted a ledge which went from 65' to 100' pretty sharply. The guys had great success with some nice black groupers and several mutton snappers. The muttons would only eat the ballyhoo and the Groupers seemed to really enjoy live grunts.

The NEW Penn Torque rods we are field testing worked very well, super action and as light weight as I've ever held. The rod tip was soft and allowed all on board to see the bite...super sensitivity.

Next Andrew moved inside the reef edge and anchored down for awhile. The yellowtails and mangrove snappers were very active and hungry. Using shrimp and cut ballyhoo for bait the guys dug in and managed to put together a super catch of snappers. The yellowtail ranged from 2-3lbs and the mangroves were 3lbs, nice fish. Next they moved back out over the edge into about 117' to 127' of water and fished a fade. Almost right off the bat they hooked up a sailfish, after the release they started to catch 5lb to 10lb king mackerels all on cigar minnows and 20lb spinners along with the Torque rods and same result...great action and very solid.

Today was pleasant had to work at it but it all came together quite well. Bait was not easy, it took a little over an hour, minnows and ballyhoo. We then went out to 117' of water and did real well with the mackerels and had our limit in about an hour. The wind started to lay out so I thought I might take a ride down the reef line and do some snapper fishing. We had one problem, the water was gin clear, the stream has moved in and the NE winds have helped push in some really nice blue water. Any day now it's going to bust wide open.


    Anyhow snappers were happy and we caught what we needed along with a VERY large Nurse shark, she was about 250lbs and swam away happy. We picked up the anchor and moved back out to130' of water. We found a nice weed line however it was all ell grass, no life. We did however find a few real nice Blackfin tunas that came in at 20lbs, real nice table fare!! The guys caught a few more mackerels and some non-keeper Groupers. I decided to stop at one more patch inside on the way home and ran into an enormous school of Jacks. They were moving about 7 knots or so and eating every ballyhoo in thier path, it was quite the sight to see as hundreds of them were pushing SW. We hooked two of them and wow, what a battle on 20lb spinning tackle, great stuff!! Talk to you again later this week.

Tight Lines,
Capt. John Oughton - That's Right 

March 1, 2009

Well the fishing in the keys has been very tough. The winds have been steady out of the ENE and the stream has pushed way inside. The water is gin clear, we can see the bottom in about 120’ the whole week. The current was no were to be found. With these condition we find the fishing to be just about as hard as it gets. We had to work very hard , bait was extremely hard, and the Jacks have wiped out the ballyhoo along most of the reef edge. Giant schools have been swimming by eating everything in there path, quit the sight to see. The Jacks range anywhere from 10 to 40lbs get fun on light tackle. We have been able to still catch the King Mackereals on the fades. The dinner fish like snappers have been ok at best. We are able to catch dinner but not much extra. We are getting another cold front today which should help things a great deal, looking forward to getting back at it on Monday.  The backcountry has been getting better, the guys had a super day on Saturday, Spanish mackerels, cobia, groupers and they even caught a Tarpon well over 140lbs on 15lb test took them over an hour and a half to catch and release!! Water temps in the back are still cool, with just several more weeks till Tarpon season it should star to warm quickly. Snook season opens today so we are looking forward to plenty of action this whole week.

Capt. John Oughton - That's Right 





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Bahamas Fishing - Abacos & Cat Island Fishing Report

Bahamas  Still Going Strong

We are continuing to see great offshore fishing here in the Abacos. We ventured out a couple days this week and the dolphin bite is getting better week by week with some larger fish every day. We only fished for a few hours each day this week offshore because the seas were somewhat choppy. This was the first week we didn’t see any wahoo but once again we only fished for a total of 6 hours offshore. It seemed that once again most of the bait and activity was on the north side of Guana Cay. Some boats are already starting to see an occasional marlin in the mix. Just last week we watched a friend release an estimated 400 lb. blue marlin. With the amount of bait in the area, I believe is the reason for so many dolphin and some billfish in the mix.  On rough days there is plenty to do over here in the Abacos.  

Things To Do on Bad Weather Days

We fished inshore this week in the Sea of Abaco . On many days when it is blowing 30 you can find somewhere to hide and catch plenty of  fish. Anchoring up just inside of Guana is usually your best bet in an Easterly wind. Just simply anchor up near the pilings and its game on. This channel with the pilings was dredged for  Disney Cruise ships to enter back in the early 90’s. The dredging caused great ledges dropping from 15 to 40 feet , so there is great structure all around. On most days there is yellowtails, Mutton snapper, Cero Mackeral, and whitebone porgies. Everyday we seem to catch new species of fish there. This week our largest mutton went 10 lbs , and also had some rather large Cero’s.  While anchored up in this channel catch your bait for the next day. There seems to be plenty of ballyhoo in the area . It is better on an outgoing tide , however. Once the tide stops so does the bite. The best bait for the macks has been live blue runners on the surface, while the muttons are eating conch and ballyhoo.

Once you’ve had your fill of fishing stop by Nippers Bar for great scenery and a drink. After Nippers head off to Grabbers with beautiful views and some of the best food in the Abacos. Both of these bars and restaurants are located on Guana Cay with dockage available at Orchid Bay Marina.

In the next coming weeks we are starting to see more boats filter in from the states. We will begin to have more reports on various locations throughout the Bahamas. I will keep you posted as to what is biting when in where.

Tight Lines!
Captain Joe Trainor - Low Profile