2009-03-01 - Will get better
Well the fishing in the keys has been very tough. The winds have been steady out of the ENE and the stream has pushed way inside. The water is gin clear, we can see the bottom in about 120ΓΆ€™ the whole week. The current was no were to be found. With these condition we find the fishing to be just about as hard as it gets. We had to work very hard , bait was extremely hard, and the Jacks have wiped out the ballyhoo along most of the reef edge. Giant schools have been swimming by eating everything in there path, quit the sight to see. The Jacks range anywhere from 10 to 40lbs get fun on light tackle. We have been able to still catch the King Mackereals on the fades. The dinner fish like snappers have been ok at best. We are able to catch dinner but not much extra. We are getting another cold front today which should help things a great deal, looking forward to getting back at it on Monday. The backcountry has been getting better, the guys had a super day on Saturday, Spanish mackerels, cobia, groupers and they even caught a Tarpon well over 140lbs on 15lb test took them over an hour and a half to catch and release!! Water temps in the back are still cool, with just several more weeks till Tarpon season it should star to warm quickly. Snook season opens today so we are looking forward to plenty of action this whole week.