2009-02-15 - Over Under - Hot Week of Fishing in the Bahamas

Over Under Weekly Fishing Report



Bahamas fishing was nothing sort of insane this week. After the  strongest cold front of the year with temps in the upper 40’s at night, fishing got awesome. We saw water temps drop to 72 degrees and this fish actively responded. This week we fished mainly off of Guana Cay as we had to go no place else. We were fairly busy this week and fished quite a bit never leaving a 2 mile area all week off of Guana.
     We fished a half day trip on Wednesday that was simply insane. Setting lines out we quickly went 3-5 on wahoo as they ate everything  in the spread. Shortly after we got into the dolphin and it remained a furious dolphin bite before calling it a day catching and releasing well over 20 dolphin. This is extremely early for the dolphin to be here but hey, we'll take it.
    Out the next day again, the bite got even better . On Thursdays half day trip we consistently picked away at the dolphin and had one of the best hoo bites in quite some time. However, on this day we managed to come unglued on a fair amount of fish as they were doing the famous wahoo head shake as well as a couple short bites. We managed to go 6- 11 on the hoos as well as a half dozen dolphin. We have noticed the wahoo are getting a bit bigger as of late. We boated fish to 60 lbs this week. For some reason this week our bait of choice was ballyhoo on 9 wire. For some reason they weren't responding to the Yo-Zuri plugs this week. Simply putting a bait down got em going. I believe with the amount of bait in the area is why.  We also tried something new this week putting some Spanish macks behind our billy baits on the deep rods. It seemed to work great, as we caught 2 fish on the macks.
     On a sour note, the bite seemed to tail off a little bit on Saturday with extremely flat seas. I believe we need another front to get things red hot again. We are expecting one tomorrow, hopefully to drop the sea temps back down again.
All in all, this is one of the best weeks we've ever had here. We continued to have double digit wahoo bites on some days as well as dolphin. We continue to see some yellowfin filter into the area and we are catching a couple a day now. Some of the tuna have been in the 50 lb range, although we personally haven’t caught any that big. Now's the time to fish the Bahamas!

Tight Lines,
Capt. Joe Trainor- Low Profile


Bahamas Wahoo


Florida Keys Fishing - We Are Getting There...

Well things are just starting to too turn the corner. This week was tough, we spent two days in the Veterans Sailfish Tournament and things were pretty slow. The top boat had 8 fish for the two days and second was 4 and third with three; we had one the only fish we saw. The king fish have still been bighting pretty good, just the bait has been real hard this week, we just started to catch able the cigar minnows today and the ballyhoo have moved further up reef edge. We had a pretty good catch of yellowtail snapper today finally, phew it’s been awhile. The water temps are back to the normal 73/74 degrees which helped it’s just we have had NO current all week crazy, oh well just have to keep at it. This week looks promising, we have pretty good weather conditions, and as long as we get some current it should be a banner week. The bottom fishing should be really good and the Sailfish should be great, COME ON CURRENT!! There were some Cobias around the last two days perfect condition for them no wind and sunny they love to bask in the sun as they cruise along the inside reef. Well stay tuned we have a lot going on this coming week. Happy V Day!!!

Captain John Oughton - Thats Right