2009-02-14 - We are getting there
Well things are just starting to too turn the corner. This week was tough, we spent two days in the Veterans Sailfish Tournament and things were pretty slow. The top boat had 8 fish for the two days and second was 4 and third with three; we had one the only fish we saw. The king fish have still been bighting pretty good, just the bait has been real hard this week, we just started to catch able the cigar minnows today and the ballyhoo have moved further up reef edge. We had a pretty good catch of yellowtail snapper today finally, phew itâs been awhile. The water temps are back to the normal 73/74 degrees which helped itâs just we have had NO current all week crazy, oh well just have to keep at it. This week looks promising, we have pretty good weather conditions, and as long as we get some current it should be a banner week. The bottom fishing should be really good and the Sailfish should be great, COME ON CURRENT!! There were some Cobias around the last two days perfect condition for them no wind and sunny they love to bask in the sun as they cruise along the inside reef. Well stay tuned we have a lot going on this coming week. Happy V Day!!!