2009-02-12 - Wahoo in full force ... simply unbelievable right now!!!
O my Lord it doesnt get any better than this!!! Had another half day today and the birt remained insane. Ate a little humble pie however as we went 5 for 11 on wahoo today. The hhos today were extremely aggressive today and they were doing the famous wahoo head shake as well as having a couple short bites. We also managed to get bit off on our cedar plug . The bite was fast and furious today on the North side of Guana Cay as we boated fish to 58 lbs. Our biggest fish once again came on the billy bait ball combo. On another note the hoos started eating the yozuri plugs again today as we caught 4 on them . Due to the extreme sun we strictly fished the flashy colors with orange and black being the best. Oh yea we also wound up with 6 dolphin and 3 tuna in between the hoo bites. It doesnt get any better than it is right now!!!! __________________