2009-02-08 - Over Under Weekly Fishing Report - Bahamas and Islamorada

Over Under Weekly Fishing Report



Very Tough week of fishing in Islamorada

Worst week of the year, sorry to say! Best part is that it can only get better. Two cold fronts in a row really caused things to come to a complete stop. Bait was very tough and the water temperatures dropped into the low 60's. This is NO good. The best we could come up with most of the week were a few mackerel, and Black Grouper. The Sailfishing was slow almost all week until today we finally got some north east wind which helped the conditions a bit. Things look good for the middle of the upcoming week. Temperatures are supposed to rise and we should have the Easterly winds for the next couple of days,

Tight Lines,
Capt. John Oughton - That's Right



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Bahamas Fishing - Cold Fronts Rule the Week..

Weather , Wind, and Cold for a week, and THEN…..

Wow what a week here.  This week we were dealt with record low temps, extremely high wind, and minimal sunshine. Its has been blowing over 30 knots this week with lows dipping to the upper 40’s on some nights. Thank God that’s over with!!!  This was the coldest stretch I have ever seen in the Bahamas  with sweatshirts and jeans the norm this past week. It has been near impossible to get out this week as winds on some days were approaching 50 knots. However, we do not expect this pattern to continue as I believe that is the strongest front we will have all year.  You never know though. The wind this week started from the west and stayed either west or northwest for quite a few days. Usually we only get 1 day of a westerly wind , but due to the severity of the front it lasted for 3 days.  I don’t care what anybody says, fish do not bite in a west wind in the Bahamas.  Once it starts to go Northeast, give it 12 hours, then they start chewing.  On a negative note …. The fish will be chewing but you will have to deal with an overwhelming amount of sargassum weed. It seems right after a front, loads of weed gets pushed in right on the edge. After a day or two, it gets progressively better.

Chewing after the Front

Really cant say enough about it but, fish love to eat after the cold fronts.  I got out Saturday in a stiff wind and could barely keep our lines in the water.  About a half hour into it today we went 3-6 on some nice 20 lb dolphin.  Shortly after we were hit by a lull in the action in between North Guana Cay and Man O War Cay. Once we got to Man O War, it was fast and furious. Fishing in about a half mile stretch today, we continued to catch and release 15 dolphin to 40 lbs. In this same stretch we also caught some small yellowfin tuna. The highlight of the day was going 4-4 on the wahoo. Very weird today, as I had thought the wahoo would be most aggressively feeding with the colder temperatures. After 3 hours without a hoo bite, we decided to put down a Billy-Bait, ballyhoo combo, instead of the Yo-Zuri plugs …. They had to be there right!.  3 minutes after putting the bait on the deep rod,  it got hit .  We made quick work of that one, boating a 52 lb. fish. Making a quick circle, we again got another bite on bait. We continued to pick at the hoos, boating four, our first being the biggest.

Bahamas Roundup
After the cold windy weather, we were greeted by rough seas, but hungry fish! The water temperatures are now in the 72.5 degree range, some of the coldest we have ever seen.  I expect the Hoo bite to remain strong well into April this year due to the abnormal sea temperatures.  Somehow though, the dolphin seem to already be arriving in good numbers. We had our first double digit day on Saturday this week.


Captain Joe Trainor - Low Profile

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