2009-02-08 - Islamorada Fishing Report
Worst week of the year!! Sorry to say, best part is it can only get better, two cold fronts in a row really caused things to come to a complete stop. Bait was very tough and the water temps dropped into the low 60's, this is NO good. The best we could come up with most of the week were a few mackerels at the first of the week and just a few through back Groupers and grunts. The Sailfishing was slow almost all week until today we finial got some North east winds which helped with the condition just enough. Won't be fishing the next couple of days we have some boat work that needs to get done. Things do look good for the middle of the week on.Temps are supposed to rise and we should have the Easterly winds for the next couple of days,

Tight lines,

Capt. John Oughton