2009-01-31 - Tough Week
Hmmm, this was quite the week here in Islamorada. Things started out very tough at the first of the week, the water temp’s were still in high 60’s and the only bait we could catch was Ballyhoo’s. The fish seemed to be rather shocked for the cold fronts that brought drastic changes in there environment. Most of the week we were unable to be productive at all with the snappers and groupers. The King Mackerels seemed to be the best game in town, which everybody seemed to enjoy. Kept the rod bent and lead to plenty of arm aches. The sailfishing was very slow all week. When we finally got some east winds it seemed to help very little, changed the surface temps a little but did nothing for the big piucture.On Thursday there was a glimmer of hope we had a super day with our limits of Cobia, Mackerels, and a few real nice Black Groupers. So our exceptions were very high for Friday, the AM started out great we finally caught cigar minnows and when we got to the 90 fade it was all we could handle. The minnows where getting eaten as soon as they hit the water. So with this in mind we figured for sure things would really spark up before the next front moves through later in the day. Well it didn’t work out like that the winds came around out of the west and shut things down very quickly. We had the day off on Saturday and back at it on Sunday hope everybody enjoys the Super Bowl!! Talk to all next week.