2009-01-29 - Cobia, Grouper, and Kingfish Fishing in the Florida Keys
The last two days of fishing in the Florida Keys was a struggle because of the low water temperatures due to the three cold fronts that hit the Keys back to back. Today was quite different though because the wind blew from the east which allowed the warm water to push in from offshore. With a water temperature of 72.5 degrees we were able to catch all the Cigar Minnows we needed with just a few throws of the cast net. The first spot we decided to try was the 90 Fad in 117 feet of water. After we drifted for a while our anglers caught their limit on Kingfish and released plenty more. Than we decided to try a ledge in 95ft of water that produced some very nice Black Grouper. Since the anglers caught them on light tackle they only needed to catch a few until they were tired. While they were resting and eating some lunch we decided to cruse the coast line and look for Cobia that we could sight cast too. When we reached about 20 feet of water we were able to spot a sting ray that had a large group of Cobia on it. Since the sand was bright white and the water was crystal clear it was hard for us to loose sight of the dark brown Cobia. Within no time we were able to catch our limit of Cobia and finish up the day with a nice catch of Kingfish, Grouper, and Cobia.

Captain John Oughton
That's Right