2009-01-11 - The fish are still BITING!!
All well here in the Keys, slow week for clients but we managed a few days. The rest of the month is pretty full, phew!! The fishing has stayed pretty steady, Sailfish still moving through in good numbers we caught a few on Saturday along with our limit in King Mackerels. We had a few up to 35lb’s real nice fish; also picked away a several nice muttons had one that went close to 20lbs now that’s a Lunker!! The Muttons have been pretty picky about which bait they want to eat. Ballyhoos still seem to be doing the trick; we tried Speedos and cigar minnows but only got Mac bites. We have even had an early start with the Cobias pouring down the inside of the reef edge. The cobias swim with the rays in about 40 to 15 feet of water. We find them in the sand, sort of stick out like a sore thumb. I will position the boat in front of the ray and try to stay ahead of him. Anthony will pitch a grunt out 4oz of lead and down to the bottom, gulp doesn’t take long. When they swim to the top it makes it much easier, then Ant will just pitch the bait right in front of them. We also had a hand full of nice Dolphins 6 to 10lbs all caught on pitch baited ballyhoos, good thing Anthony was quick on his feet!!