2008-12-21 - Morehead Fishing Report
Just back from today's trip. We left the dock at 3:45 AM and were happy to see the fog was gone. We made our way to the Shad Wreck and began our day there. We trolled outside the Knuckle and towards the 30 min rock. We did not mark much bait along the way. We did, however, begin marking bait just before the rock once we had daylight and we felt very good about our location. We had dolphin,ocean sunfish ,and diving gannets that were coming up with bunker.Its an amazing site to see these gannets circling then diving in single file fashion. Everything looked right so we spent the entire day between the rock and the portland without a touch. It's obvious the main body of fish just have not yet arrived. There were no bluefin brought into Portside today. We are watching the weather and tomorrow looks like a blow out. We will look at our schedule as we may be able to get Monday and Tuesday in, then we will take a short break for Christmas .

Happy Holidays
Capt Keith