2008-12-19 - Wahoo bite continues
Snuck out for a bit today getting ready for a very busy time over the holidays. Wanted to look for some deep dropping spots aroung Guana Cay. We found two great spots today one being on the north side and the other on the south side enabling us to bail yelloweye snapper from either cut we take to the ocean. After finding these successful spots we decided, what the hell put the wahoo spread out. Needless to say they were there again as we have caught wahoo every trip this year. Wahoo fishing remains to be the best I have seen in some time. Today we had our first quad wahoo of the season boating 3 to 30 lbs. All the boated fish were once again on the deep rods as we are fishing two from the pit and one from the bridge. The one that didn't come tight was on a billy bait bally combo. Lost one more before calling it a day going 3-5 on wahoo, one dolphin and a handful of blackfins. We have yet to fish a full day here and man I want to. All in all another great day, loaded the boat with yelloweyes and pelagics.