2008-12-13 - Giant Bluefin Tuna - Morehead City Fishing Report
Giant Bluefin Report - Morehead City, NC

The boat arrived in Morehead City last Saturday on Wednesday we started prepping the boat for fishing.After working the crew to a near mutiny we finally got our first trip in today, just in time.The morning was filled with optimisum. We pulled out at 4:30 AM, and started fishing the Big Ten Little Ten area. On board today was our mate John Griffith,Phill Knapp and Connie Cahalane. After catching and releasing four or five birds that were crushing our long riggers, we worked our way to the north east. At around 11:30 on our way to the knuckle, we got our bite. We fought the fish for about 1.5 hrs and after working out some kinks John got a dart in it and we had it boat side.The fish was 89" 346lbs and cored out at 291. All the prep work was rewarded with a great start for the Pretty Work crew. Thanks to all at Portside Marina for their hospitality and help they have always treated us well.

Capt Keith Burnet