2008-12-09 - Bahamas Wahoo HOT
Hey guys snuck out for a couple hours and they were chewing. We fished the last hour or so of the falling tide and quickly went 3-5 on wahoo. They arent huge yet here but there are lots of them . As all the boats have been getting near 10 to 15 bites some days. Once the tide stopped moving the bite shut down . Once again the deep rod accounted for 4 bites while our cedar plug daisy chain got its first hoo of the season. We also picked up a dolphin and a blackfin to fill out the catch. Right now it seems that wahoo is excellent all over the Bahamas . We have seen it first hand here in the Abacos as well as great reports coming from JR at Hawks Nest. Remember the bite is minutes from the dock as our best bite has been right at the Man O War cut!!