2008-12-08 - Lot's Of BIG Smoker Mak's
Thats Right fished a morning half with a great group staying at Cheeca Lodge. We got a real early start anticipating lots of action all morining, it didn't take long, starting with bait. We came tight on the anchor and I turned around to see the cigar minnows and sardines eating out of the chum bag. It took three throws of the 14' cast net and we were done, lots of baits. We took a ride down the reef edge, seas 2 to 3' with a light breeze out of the northeast and plenty of current. Unfortunately the current was running the wrong way it was south by southeast, so this made the conditions for the sailfish poor. Fortunately we all manged to catch a few sails first thing, than the Big Smoker Mackeral took over. This is a blast on 12lb and 20lb Penn Spinning tackle, dumping half a spool of line on you just on the bite alone, cool stuff. I don't think we had a fish under 15lb's and several between 25 and 35lb's. Anthony was jumping around like a grasshopper, belly hooking the bait, flipping them out, counting to 10 and then got them on, didn't take long for the customers to get in the game. After we limited out we slid inside the reef to 35' anchored up and caught some dinner for everybody, yellowtail snappers and a hand full of reel nice mangrove snappers!!