2008-12-06 - Super Sailfishing
The week started out with winds blowing 25mph plus out of the Northeast. This made conditions unfavorable for fishing outside the reef edge. However, these conditions do allow the shallow patches to have lots of great light tackle fishing. As the cool winds make the gulf waters cold [low 60's] a variety of fish move out to the warmer waters of the ocean.The best part is they have to go right past these patchs, and when they get there they find lots of bait fish and plenty to feed on. The catches are a variety of Snappers and Groupers along with Spanish and Ciero Mackerls. We also catch an assortment of sharks, some Jacks and Barracuda's. WOW, it's Friday and the weather is perfect, the Sailfish are snapping. It's the start of the first Sailfish tournment and what a day,the top boat had 18, the next had 15 and so on down the line. Day two saturday was pretty good top boat might have caught a dozen, however about 2 o'clock the wind switched and started the blow a little out of the west and the bite just shut off. Not only did the Sailfish stop but so did the rest of the reef edge. Just goes to show you how quick things can change when you rely so much on the right conditions and that's what we go through on a daily basis. So over all I would say the fishing is great. Also just a quick note for all who might be interested, the PRETTY WORK is now in Moorhead, N.C.where it will stay till the end of Jan. the bite is good so come join us for a BIG adventure.If you have any question just give us a shout.