2008-12-05 - Bahamas Recap as appearing in the Florida Keys Weekly Fisherman
Bahamas Fishing Report - From our Weekly column in the Weekly Fisherman!

After our 480 mile trip over here from Morehead City NC, all the Abaco reports we were getting were extremely promising. A day of rest and unloading the boat we were ready to fish. We took Low Profile to survey our new areas to fish off Guana Cay, Bahamas. I did not take long for our deep rod to start singing. We quickly hooked our first Bahamas Wahoo of the season. Although a small one at 18 LBS, it was great eating and a great way to start off the season. Shortly thereafter, we had a second bite, once again on another deep rod. We made quick work of that one boating the 22 pound Wahoo. Our first day of fishing was a shakedown before our first charter of the season the next day. All in all, our first day was successful, the equipment and crew deemed �ready for action�, and in three hours time we�d managed 2 Wahoo and a Blackfin Tuna.

We had two half day charters this week that were both successful. On our first trip out this week the deep rods were the ticket and we boated two nice Wahoo at 42 and 28 pounds. We ended up the morning going 2 for 4 on Wahoo and added a bonus gaffer Dolphin. It seems that between the Wahoo bites there are enough black fin and dolphin around to fill keep the rods bending right now.

Every week I would like to give a little tackle tip for the species we are targeting here in the Bahamas. This week the focus is on Wahoo as it is that time of year. Our Deep rods consist of bent butt Penn 80 pound rod and reel, with 130 class line with a snap swivel. The snap swivel is attached to the trolling weight. Our trolling weights begin with a 300 pound swivel attached to 3� of 600 lb cable. One foot down from the cable there is a crimp, then a squid skirt with a 6oz egg sinker, followed by a 48 oz trolling lead, another egg followed a crimp, and 1 more foot of cable. It�s all terminated then with a 250 pound ball bearing snap swivel. The squid skirts are used to stop the weight from wobbling in the water. The trolling weight is attached to a 20 foot shock leader made of 400lb monofilament. The shock leader begins with a 300 pound swivel and ends with a 250 pound snap swivel. The shock leader allows the weight to be away from the lure. Now the lure: We use a 6 foot, 600 pound cable leader crimped to a large Yo-Zuri Bonita Plug. Our favorite we have found is the Purple/Black. When running two deep rods we place them at each corner of the boat and be sure to set them out the same distance. Our deep rods are set out 120 feet behind the boat. Our line is marked with a permant marker so they are put in the same position every time.

On the inshore front, we did manage to get a couple hours of reef fishing in, right in front of Guana Cay. The reef here is loaded with grouper, yellowtails and muttons. It doesn�t take long after the chum bag hits the water to start bailing snappers. We�ll be doing a lot more of this throughout the winter, when we need to take a break from pounding the edge for the Wahoo. We expect the Wahoo bite to continue to be strong right through March, when we�ll be moving down to San Salvador to look for the BIG BOYS! Usually we catch our largest Wahoo of the Season in San Salvador in March and April.

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