2008-11-16 - Great Family Fishing in the Keys

Sunny and warm all week here in the Florida Keys!! We fished out front this week and had some family groups that had lots of fun. The reef was pretty productive and alive with bait. It was an odd week though as the gulf stream was pushed in real tight resulting in very little current so the edge of the reef was slow, meaning not much on the sailfish and dolphin. Also, no wahoos on this moon. However, the shallow reef was most productive. We had good yellowtails and mutton snappers along with some creomacks and Spanish too. The kids loved it! We also caught a few black tip sharks. The water temps are 78 to 79 deg. Pretty warm for this time of the year but we are getting a cold front today so I'm sure things will change around quickly. The sailfish have been here some days as the conditions will develop during the day somewhere along the reef and they will pop up to eat for a short time. We have been using cigar minnows and bally for bait.  

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