2008-10-13 - NJ Overnight Canyon Fishing Report
Both LOW PROFILE and THATS RIGHT were back out this Friday and Saturday on overnight trips. Both will be going again this Monday. LOW PROFILE heads out on an extended 46 hour trip, while THATS RIGHT will be doing a typical 22 hour overnight canyon trip.

We started out running both boats up to the Lindy, in search of our first good tuna bite. The plan was to start at the Lindy and troll north until we found something we liked. Within 5 minutes of lines in, LOW PROFILE had a big explosion on the left long rigger. A nice sized tuna jumped on the bird, green machine combo. Unfortunately, something wasn't quite right and the mainline parted with a loud snap....back up on the troll unfortunately, we couldn't repeat the bite. Both boats trolled all the way to the Carteret, picking a few dolphin off the pots along the way. When we reached the Carteret, Low Profile continued north and THATS RIGHT turned offshore for 500 fathoms. After another hour of finding nothing interesting, both boats turned and headed back to the Lindy for the evening.

Just before dark, THATS RIGHT had a doulbe header longfin on a Billy Bait, and Spreader Bar, run in tandem. The Billy Bait bite stuck and we landed a nice 55 pound Longfin. Low Profile set up right in this area and within 30 minutes had a nice swordfish on, which they eventually landed and boated. Things were looking ok at this point....well, that was the last bite either boat had all night. In the morning we hoped for a good longfin bite, but it never happened and we settled for loading the boat with dolphin instead.

Heading back Saturday, we decided to stay closer and concentrate again on swords and makos in the Wilmington, as we had been doing before making the exploratory trip up to the northern canyons. Upon reaching the edge just after dark, THATS RIGHT backed up to a pot that had been holding a lot of dolphin over the last couple weeks and sure enough, they were there in good numbers. Low Profile came over and both boats boated the dolphin until they stopped eating. We tried a few more pots, picking one or two fish, then settled in for a drift, starting in the East Bight which is where most of our action has been over the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, niether boat had a bite, and at midnight we decided to make a move.

THATS RIGHT moved on down into 500 fathoms of the Baltimore, while LOW PROFILE headed up the line towards the spencer six or seven miles. LOW PROFILE found some bait and good conditions, but no bites. THATS RIGHT found pretty much nothing out in the deep of the Baltimore. At first light, both boats were up on the troll hoping for a longfin bite, but it didn't happen. THATS RIGHT found some more pots loaded up with dolphin and put 40 of them in the boat, then continued on the troll hoping for a Wahoo or White Marlin, but it wasn't to be. LOW PROFILE hit some pots and trolled inshore, finding a pallet with some more dolphin on it. Both boats came back with nice catches of Dolphin, but little else to show for all the running around, searching, and bait that was thrown overboard.

The tuna are just not here, and what has happened to the bait in the Wilmington, no one knows. But the swords and sharks don't seem to be there anymore either. Both boats head back out today and we'll be out just about every day the weather allows to continue our search!

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