2008-10-05 - Over Under Weekly Fishing Report

Over Under Fishing Report

New Jersey

September 28-October 2
We ran a lot this week and had some excellent fishing, despite the continued lack of tuna. We are surprised to be talking about how good the fishing can be, even though the tuna action is non existent for the most part in the canyons at night right now. The swordfishing appears to be very good right now, and we believe we have them dialed in. On two consecutive nights boats were able to get 3-4 shots at swords, along with shots at Makos. On Tuesday night's trips, LOW PROFILE had a 300 pound mako jump into the side of the boat, hitting the salon window! They later broke off the fish after about an hour long fight. We have boated a nice swordfish going about 140 pounds, caught all the dolphin you want to keep, including some VERY nice fish going up to 35 pounds. The billfish bite remains consistent and we are getting a couple shots on most trips. On this last trip Thats Right was 1-3 on White Marlin and Low Profile was 1-3 on Whites, and 1-1 on a small Blue Marlin. That's Right also bagged a nice 65 pound Wahoo fishing earlier in the week and LOW PROFILE had two wahoo bites result in cut off leaders yesterday. So, all in all, we are having very nice trips, even despite the lack of tuna.

We are now targeting Makos and Swordfish overnight and concentrating on Dolphin and Billfish during the day, with a Wahoo rig or two out at all times. We've adjusted our trip times to leave about 4-5:00pm as a result of the better than average trolling we've been having and the slower night time fishing. We expect the longfin to be in our waters in about a week or so, so if the rest of the fishing holds up, we might have some really nice trips the middle part of October!

October 3/4
Low Profile and That's Right both headed out overnight Friday into Saturday. Once again, we went to the Wilmington to target swordfish and makos at night and dolphin and billfish during the day. While not red hot, the fishing remains productive and fun. Low Profile boated two swords overnight while that's right boated a yellowfin and released a mako. Up on the troll both boats came back with over 30 dolphin, many of which were into the 20 pound range. Both boats had wahoo bites that didn't connect and Llow Profile had a shot at a nice blue marlin!

October 4/5
We ran both that's riight and low profile back to the wilmington on saturday night. We set up a drift for swordfish and makos in the east bight. That's right quickly missed a sword bite and a run off on the shark rig. Later about midnight, that's right released a small swordfish and hooked up one more time around 3am on the west wall. This fish was.a bit larger, but was eventually lost as the hook pulled. Low profile had a sword bite that didn't connect early in the evening, then about 5am a nice mako took a deep sword bait and a battle began. The mako was fought to boatside, but not brought to gaff and the fight was on again, when the leader finally parted to everyones dismay. Up on the troll both boats hit the pots for mahi, but with the increased weekend traffic, the dolphin fishing was much slower. Trolling inshore, low profile hooked a blue marlin for the second trip in a row, only to loose it after some spectacular arials. A log in about 35 fathoms produced all the mahi both boats could handle, and both that's right and low profile came back to the dock loaded up with fresh dolphin again.

Captain Trey Rhyne

October 3
The JUSTIFIED left the dock in Avalon, NJ at 5 a.m. heading towards the Elephants Trunk. Seas were two feet or less as I approached the 30 fathom line. Signs were not good, marking no bait up or down....it just looked lifeless. We decided to continue off shore to the Baltimore Canyon. Started fishing inside the tip, four lines on the riggers, short & long with ballyhoo & seawitches. Two flatlines rigged with wire for wahoo. On the bidge was a squid spreader bar down the middle. We had a mystery bite as we crossed over the 100 fathom line. I believe it was a white marlin but we did not get a second chance. We proceeded down the west wall hitting pot balls on the way. We managed to land seven gaffer dolphin ranging from 10 to 25 lbs. The seas were building 3 to 6 ft. with a few 7 footers mixed in. I decided to nose in along the 50 fathom line looking for marlin. Fished to 35 fathoms and then called it a day. The charter had a great time & hope to do it again soon.

Captain Neil Greenberg

Ocean City, MD

The fishing this week out of Ocean City on the PRETTY WORK was quite good. The first of the week we had a little bit of a tuna bite, along with really good dolphin fishing. The white marlin bite has lasted all week. It did, however, get a little slow on Saturday and Sunday. The dolphins have been plentiful with really nice fish up to 25lbs. Great light tackle fishing. The tuna bite was slow on Thursday and Friday, however it did come on pretty good Saturday and today. All being caught on the troll with ballyhoos. The fishing has been best in the Washington canyon mostly on the edges and just inshore of the tip in 40 to 50 fathoms. If you like wahoo now is the time...WOW it has really turned on.We have seen really good numbers and the fleet has been on an average of 4 to 8 fish a day with plenty of bites.We had a few wahoos in the 55 to 65lb range. Great action, even better bites. The weather has turned and it has been super conditions. We do have some openings this week so give me a shout!

Captain John Oughton

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