2008-09-28 - NJ and MD Fishing Update

Weekly "Non" Fishing Report

Unfortunately, we did not run a single trip this past week, due to all the bad weather we've been having. As we write this report, PRETTY WORK is out, and both LOW PROFILE and THATS RIGHT are getting ready to leave on overnight trips to the canyon. We are all hoping that the strong winds and weather changes we've been experiencing over the past week,are going to lead to the start of a great Fall Tuna Season. By next weekend, we should be able to have a good read on what the rest of the Fall is likely to bring. We are expecting the Longfin to show up in good numbers any day now, and the Bluefin to move back down our way. The question everyone's asking is whether the Yellowfin are going to cooperate. We should be able to answer that question in a few days, as the weather looks like it is going to allow our boats to be out the next 3-4 days and nights searching. Stand By!

Tight Lines,

The Crew of Over Under Adventures