2008-08-31 - Ocean City Maryland Tuna Fishing Report

The Week in Ocean City, MD

This week was a good one for us here in Ocean City. We pretty much fished the Hot Dog all week. The beginning of the week started with Bluefin Tunas which were all caught on the troll. Long riggers with ballyhoos as blue and white seemed to be a hot color this week. I guess we averaged four to eight 100 pounders a day. By the middle of the week we began to see a few small yellowfins mixed in the water which was a clean green and at times a touch of blue. Bait was very good all week, mostly sandeels, some squid and small flyers. Thirty-eight feet seemed to work as well as 144 feet. Towards the end of the week we found ourselves catching a few more yellowfin tunas, as well as our bluefins.

Now in the last couple of days we have seen mostly yellowfin and today I heard of one bluefin caught. The Albacore have moved in pretty heavy also, so hopefully, they don't push away the tunas we have now. Friday we boated a 65lb wahoo to go with our Tunas. Sunday we only had Yellowfins, half a dozen or so, having to let a few go.

The water today did a lot of strange things. We really had a lot of tide today, pretty hard out of the southwest, maybe two knots or so. It was green, sort of clean and 73.5 degrees. By 9:30 it was 76 and clean green with a touch of blue. Not really sure what happened to the bluefins, perhaps they moved down the line. We shall soon see!

Captain John Oughton

Pretty Work/That's Right

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