2008-08-31 - Jusitified boats nice Bull Dolphin

We headed off shore around 3:30 am to the Lobster Claw arriving around 6:30 am to see some 50+ boats fishing, most were on the hook. Picked my spot on the lump in about 168 feet of water. I marked bait & tuna on my approach on the bottom. We also encountered hundreds of tuna birds, whales & porpoises. The water was a dirty green brown color with limited visability. We spent 3 hours chunking without a touch. I didn't notice much happening so around 10:00 am I decided to start trolling the area to see if we could get a bite on the troll. I used 2 way back lines in the riggers, ballyhoo with a seawitch, one spreader bar with squid, downrigger with a naked ballyhoo& 2 short rigger lines again with ballyhoo & seawitches. At 11 am. we hooked up on the downrigger line on an 80 bent butt. This fish emptied half the spool before he slowed down. Fought it for about 15 minutes before we pulled the hook. Fished the area hoping for another amongst feeding porpoises & whales without another knockdown. I moved inside the claw about 3 miles & found better water. We managed to catch a nice bull dolphin but unfortunately our day was over & headed home.

Captain Neil