2008-08-31 - Great Bluefin and Yellowfin Bites!

Over Under Fishing Report
Week of August 30

20+ Bluefin on NJ Overnight Last Night

LOW PROFILE just returned from its fourth NJ Overnight Tuna trip in a row. The results have been quite mixed, as Friday night was one of our worst of the season, while last night's trip was the best Bluefin Tuna trip we've ever had. On Friday's trip, we decided to give the Lindy a shot, and found a 5 degree temperature break running right through the middle of the canyon. Everything looked great before dark, and we had great conditions, at the right time of year, in one of our favorite spots. We had a good shot at a White Marlin, and caught a small yellowfin on the troll. There were lots of porpoises, whales, birds and lots of bait at about 20 fathoms. We settled in for the night, hoping to have the first quality overnight Yellowfin report of the season. Unfortunately, by 1:00am, we had had two bites, one of which was a small sword and the other never came tight. So, as we had planned, we pulled the anchor and headed back inshore to beat up on the Bluefin we'd been catching consistently all week.

The previous three or four trips, we had been catching good numbers of Bluefin on the Lobster Claw. The best bite had typically been between 5am and 8am, but on some nights, we were able to catch fish during the night and also in the late afternoon. Arriving there at 3am on Saturday, there were already about 40 boats anchored up, not a good sign. We got anchored where we wanted to be, however, and began the waiting game. Unfortunately, we never got a bite, and had to leave about 9am with our tail between our legs. The bite was very slow Saturday, with ony a few fish being caught by as many as 100 boats that had decided to visit the Claw based on the great reports that had been coming in throughout the week. Indeed, we had caught 7-12 tuna on all our trips earlier in the week.

We headed back out Saturday afternoon, and were set on trying to find Yellowfin on the edge somewhere, as the Bluefin Bite seemed to be dying off. On the way, we got a call from another Charter Boat, who told us they were working a Scallop boat, with good results. Luckily, we were only about 6 miles away and were able to change course and get in on the action. Upon getting behind the boat, we immediately hooked up with two nice fish. We eventually boated one and lost the other. This was a 100 pound class Bluefin. We had several more bites, and released a couple more fish before dark. We made a tough call to stick it out inshore, as we were marking fish very well, and there had also been some small yellowfin in the area. Our decision turned out to be a great one, as we were able to establish a chunk slick and hold the fish all evening. By 10:00pm, we had fish stacked up under the boat, so we dropped the anchor, proceeding to catch them one after another. The Bluefin were fiercly competing for every bait we threw in the water. We fished only one rod for most of the evening, and the bites typically came as we were setting the baits out. Towards the end of the evening, we rarely even got the rod in the rod holder before we'd get the bite. We released about 20 Bluefin, all between 100 and 150 pounds. The bites were mostly on live squid which were abundant last night. We've never seen these size Bluefin feed this aggressively on a night trip before. It was a really great evening. We pulled the anchor at 4:30am, and headed for the barn, with a lot of sore arms and backs resting in the salon.

Ocean City, MD - Yellowfin Tuna Report

Today we had a very good bite of Yellowfin Tuna.  For a change, we didn’t catch any Bluefin, but did have a great day with the Yellowfin Tuna , which have been a bit scarce this season.  We boated 10, loosing as many more.  The average fish was 30 pounds, although we lost one boat-side that was about 60 pounds.  In total, we had 40 bites!  There are a lot of Albacore mixed in, which you have to weed through to get to the Yellowfin.  Most of the bites came on blue & white/ballyhoo combinations.

Marsh Harbour, Abacos - 12 Day Trip from Key Largo

We recently completed an extended round trip to the Abacos departing from Key Largo, Florida.  The trip lasted 12 days, and included stops in Atlantis on Paradise Island, Marsh Harbour, Guana Cay, Little Harbour, Hope Town, and Man-O-War Cay.

The purpose of the voyage was two-fold.  First, it was intended to serve as an extended sea trial for the OVER UNDER, which has undergone a major renovation, turning this classic and proven Sport Fish into a robust and modern live-aboard yacht.  Included in the renovations have been electronics upgrades, new marine air conditioning systems throughout, new marine fresh-water heads, a new fresh water system, stateroom make-overs, and an engine room overhaul, just to mention a few.  Second, we intended to use this trip as a scouting and information gathering tool, for an eventual full time operation based in the Central Abacos.  We’ve prepared a detailed trip log highlighting all of the islands and other places of interest we visited (look for link below).  The conclusion was quite obvious within two days of arriving in Marsh....this was a destination that we needed to offer to our customers. 

Within 15 miles of one another, you have the Islands of Guana Cay, Marsh Harbour, Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay, Little Harbour, Hope Town, and Man-O-War Cay.  The fishing has been reported to be spectacular, and we witnessed first-hand the great diving  and beaches to be found, in conjunction with a barrier island system that provides for lee-ward anchorages, snorkeling, and fishing opportunities.  The Central Abacos has something to offer the whole family (and as you will read below, mine had a blast), with fishing, diving, golf, shopping, island hopping, and great beaches.  This part of the Bahamas is still “quaint” and pristine, but yet has lots to offer in the way of amenities and activities. 

Bakers Bay Resort & Marina has recently invited us to base our charter boat at their new facility.  Bakers Bay will be the largest and most modern marina facility in the Bahamas, when it opens on November 17, 2008.  I had the chance to visit the Bakers Bay project while on this trip, and was left thoroughly impressed.  Over Under Adventures is thrilled to announce it will be basing its Abacos Charter operation out of Bakers Bay!!

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