2008-08-23 - Mid Atlantic 500 Fishing Report - Bluefin Back in Ocean City
LOW PROFILE was entered in the Mid Atlantic 500 this week, fishing out of Cape May, NJ. The tournament format allows for fishing 3 of 5 days, and we opted to fish Monday, then again on Thursday and Friday. Based on our overnight trip last weekend, and the good conditions we found in the Wilmington Canyon, we headed straight back there on Monday morning. It didnít take long, as the first line in the water had a white marlin all over it. The day proved to be one of those good days Ė bad days as LOW PROFILE raised 9 fish in total, getting 6 to eat, and releasing 2. Neither was big enough to bring to the scales. On Thursday, we were back at the same spot, and again quickly got into the fish, and ended up going 3-5 this day, bringing our total number of releases to 5 for the Tournament. Again, none of the White Marlin were big enough to bring back to the scales. Given the number of fish we were seeing, we had to give it one more try, and again LOW PROFILE headed back to the Wilmington Canyon, hoping to catch that one big fish this day. We did end up bringing one back to the scales, that measured out at 70 inches, and weighed in at 70 pounds. Not enough to get us in the money unfortunately, but for the week, we ended up catching 7 Whites, with everyone having a great time. In Ocean City, MD Fishing has picked right back up. Amazing how that happens as soon as the moon starts to fade. Today, we had an awesome bite on Bluefin Tuna. The largest fish was 68 inches with an estimated weight of about 170 pounds. In all, THATS RIGHT caught 10 Bluefin Tuna, none of which were less than 80 pounds today. The fish we scattered from 20 to 30 fathoms all the way from Masseys to the Hot Dog. Aside from one spreader bar bite, everything was on Ballyhoo today. Tight Lines, Over Under Adventures