2008-08-15 - Ocean City, MD Fishing Report
Its been a long week and once again we have found ourselves working extra hard inorder to put a great day together.We have been fishing just inside the poormans 50 to 40 fathm at the first of the week and as thge week went on we got as shallow as 32 fath. We have been catching 3 to 5 yellowfins a day, some dolphin and seems like we get a whitey or three everyday. Fun fishing, we found a bucket at the beginning of the week and in 30 years im sure ive never seen that many fish in my life! There were hundreds of dolphin anywhere fro 5 to 11ilbs. We used light penn spinning tackle and had a blast. As a matter of fact 12 boats caught ther limit on this bucket AMAZING. Later that day we wound up 4 nice yellowfins and a white marlin. As the week went on we found ourselves wondering only to find more dolphin and a few tunas. This seemed to be the way this week went so we are happy. All bites have been on spreaderbars and ballys. The tunas have been anywhere from 30 to 60lbs. The water has been a clean blue with a touch of green to it at times. Finally we fished the Baltimore yesturday and we caught several yellowfins along with a couple gaffers.We were just checking out some new ground. The water was blue and clean however ther was very little life. That would have been west wall and inshore on 40 fath flat our bites came in 54 fathoms. The dolphin came in 32 fathoms. Again it seemed the shallower we got the more life we found. Plenty of bait, but very little in the way of fish. - Tight Lines, Capt. John