2008-08-10 - Weekly Fishing Report - 200 Plus Pound Bluefin & White Marlin Open Re-cap

Another BIG Bluefin & White Marlin Open Recap!

JUSTIFIED got back on the big Bluefin Tuna Yesterday. Fishing out of Avalon, NJ, just north of Cape May, Capt. Neil was headed to the Wilmington Canyon to look for some Yellowfin that have been hanging around in 45-50 fathoms. He reported seeing tuna crashing the surface, just inside the 40 fathom curve and pulled em back and began to set out the lines. They didn't get the second line in the water before they came tight on the first rod. In hind sight, it's too bad they couldn't get the spread set, as they'd probably been covered up with these beauties! The fight lasted about and hour and a half and everyone on board had 2 goes at this bruiser! Finally the 72 inch, 208 pound Bluefin was brought to gaff. Nice job to the JUSTIFIED!

In Ocean City Fishing was dominated by the WHITE MARLIN OPEN tournament that was held this past week. PRETTY WORK was entered and here is Capt. John's Report:

We fished our first day on monday in 600 fathoms between the Wilmington and Baltimore Canyons. Ten minutes after lines in we got covered up with some nice Yellowfin Tuna. Since we were White Marlin Fishing we had all the light tackle (Penn GLD 30s and 16 vsx's) in the spread so needless to say it was a battle. After a long fight Bob boated the 104 pound Yellowfin which put us on the leader board in second place for the first day. Later that day we come across a nice rip in 100 fathoms and got jumped by two Whites. We hooked them both and landed one that measured 64 inches. On Tuesday we started out in little bit closer to the baltimore in 500 fathoms. We saw one White Marlin first thing and quickly released him, looking for a bigger fish to get us in the money. The week was tough, as the fish bit early and then again late in the day. Later that afternoon we slid inside to 60 fathoms and raised a double header White Marlin. We hooked one and worked real hard trying too get the second fish (which looked much larger) to bite. He would not cooperate, however, and we eventually jumped off the first smaller fish. We fished our final day on Friday. The seas were rough and the WNW wind made fishing very difficult in 6 to 8 ft seas. It was a slow day for most of the fleet, however we did mange to find the Yellowfin Tuna inside the canyon in about 40 to 50 fathoms. The Yellowfin were the 30 to 50 pound variety.

That's Right also fished a few days this past week, with good catches of Yellowfin. Most of the fish were caught inside the Wilmington Canyon in 45 to 50 fathoms. On one day in the Baltimore, That's Right had a nice catch of Dolphin along with a few nice Yellowfin. The fish were all caught on the troll with ballyhoo. Bluefin Tuna fishing has definitely slowed. There are a few 80lb class fish being chunked at Massey's Canyon, but its not an every day thing. The bigger fish continue to be found in and around the 40 fathom curve, and if you are lucky enough to run into them there are some very Big Bluefin still around these days, as the JUSTIFIED found out yesterday.

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