2008-07-20 - Ocean City and New Jersey Fishing Report

Bluefin Tuna Bite Continues and the Yellowfin Begin to Show Up Inside the Canyons

The Bluefin Tuna Fishing got hot and heavy in the middle of this week, as the BIG FISH made a nice showing. Working the 30 line, PRETTY WORK and found some very nice fish during the week, before the weekend brought literally hundreds of boats to the scene and shut down the fishing. Some of these fish were pushing 70 inches, which puts them in the low 200 pound class. Capt. John reported missing one bite that looked as though it was a much larger fish, probably a legitimate Giant Bluefin. Both trolling and jigging have been the ticket on the Bluefin Tuna. Saturday things slowed considerably, as both JUSTIFIED and PRETTY WORK both struggled to catch one tuna for the day with couple dolphin bites here and there. Sunday was a bit better, with some decent action with 55 to 66 inch Bluefin Tuna and a couple Yellowfin mixed in. The Yellowfin are being found in 30 to 40 fathoms inside the Baltimore Canyon. The Bluefin have been caught on all the normal spots, including the 19 Fathom Lump, Masseys, the Hambone, Hot Dog and the Tea Cup. Reports from the Tom's Canyon have slowed a bit, with the day trolling bite becoming less consistent, although there are still nice 50-65 pound tuna being caught there. It seems the main body of Yellowfin that had been in the Tom's has now pushed up north-east of the Hudson Canyon.

Inshore, the JUSTIFIED has been out and about, fishing out of Avalon, NJ. Bluefish continues to be the name of the game, and it seems the blues have moved in a good bit closer as the water has warmed a bit. Capt. Neil reported catching all they wanted on Saturday's half day fishing trip. They fished only about 7 miles off the beach as opposed to 15 or so, that they had been fishing. The action was great and kept everyone busy most of the day.

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