2008-07-19 - Great Bite on BIG Bluefin and a few Yellowfin Tuna
The last few days the fishing has been getting better and better.We have been trolling with ballyhos and seawitches. White over green and blue and white and purple and black. We have recently been jigging for tunas which seems to be producing the bigger tunas in the 65 to 70 inch range. We have encountered Yellowfins first thing in the morning as well as an occaisonal gaffer dolphin. Most of the week we have been fishing from the Hambone the Hot dog and the Tea Cup. We have been finding scattered schools on different lumps, which have proven to be productive for all our anglers. We missed an extremely large bite today from a fish well over 200lbs. This fish was so big he pushed the bait right out of his own way!! We have also been fishing 40 to 50 fathoms, inshore of the Baltimore which has produced mixed Yellowfins 25 to 60lbs.