2008-07-13 - NJ & MD Fishing Report

Bluefin Tuna Bite Continues

BLUEFIN TUNA FISHING continues to be the name of the game. The fish continue to migrate north, and are making their way further inshore as well. The fish are all over the place in size. At times you can find all the smaller fish you want 30-50 pounds, and at times, you can only find larger fish of 80 to 100 pounds. PRETTY WORK is fishing in the Ocean City Tuna Tournament this weekend, and opted not to fish Friday and fish Saturday and Sunday as well. On Saturday, PRETTY WORK went back out and worked an area that the JUSTIFIED had been the previous day. They were working around the 30 fathom curve, a bit further offshore of where the largest concentrations of fish have been. The bigger fish seem to be coming from these areas, in a bit deeper water. Inshore spots like the 19 fathom lump, Hambone, hotdog, and Massey's are all holding fish. One day they are on one lump, the next day they are somewhere else. But the fish are around, lots of them it seems. To date, our boats have been trolling, but again others are doing well on the chunk and jigging seems to be especially productive this year. We've got brand new Penn Torque reels paired with the new series of Penn Jigging Rods will be putting to the test shortly. The TRQ200 will be spooled with 50 pound Suffix Braid and the beefier TRQ300LD will be spooled with 80 pound Suffix Braid.

On our last inshore trip out of Ocean City, we were once again able to catch Bluefin Tuna. The tuna have been coming in closer and closer and now appear to be taking up residence along the 20 fathom curve. This is good news, as it allows us to target them with less fuel, meaning lower prices! In Ocean City, we can target Bluefin Tuna on our 10 hour trips, and at times find them on our 8 hour trips. In New Jersey, the 12 hour trip remains the best bet, but we are beginning to see them show up closer to shore, allowing us to get into some of them on our shorter 10 hour trips there as well. We expect areas along the 20 fathom curve, off of NJ, such as the Cigar to begin to produce over the next 10 days.

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LOW PROFILE is now in Avalon, NJ with the JUSTIFIED. Both will be there there the rest of the Summer and Fall season. JUSTIFIED is docked at Moran's Dockside, while LOW PROFILE is back at Avalon Point Marina. In Ocean City, MD, TAHT'S RIGHT and PRETTY WORK are docked at Fisherman's Marina, a change from last year. We are no longer running out of the Ocean City Fishing Center. THATS RIGHT, the only one of our vessels licensed to carry more than six passengers, will move from Ocean City, MD up to NJ, Sept. 1 to join LOW PROFILE in running NJ overnight canyon tuna charters.

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