2008-07-01 - Another Nice Bluefin Catch - Still Looking for Yellowfin in OC
Capt. John had PRETTY WORK back out today and ran offshore and worked 200-300 fathoms in the Poormans Canyon. The water looked good and there was some bait around, but no sign of the pilot whales and dophins which typically will hang on top of the Big Eye's which is what we were searching for out there. So, back in shore he trolled, all the way into 25 fathoms, picking a few dolphin a long the way. Once back inshore the Bluefin began to bite, and they caught 8, keeping their two alotted fish. The largest one went 115#, and they released 6 all in the 80-110# range. Another pretty darn good day of Bluefin Fishing.