2008-06-29 - Bluefin Tuna Bite Gets Red Hot


BLUEFIN TUNA FISHING TURNS ON - Avalon, NJ & Ocean City Maryland Fishing: The Bluefin bite turned on very nicely this week, as THATS RIGHT ran it's first overnight trip of the season. Departing from Ocean City, MD, they steamed to the south off of VA and got back on some lumps and bumps they'd been fishing earlier in the week with good results. Trolling into the dark, the bites came as the sun began to fade, and the Crew and Customers found themselves in the beginning stages of a very nice Bluefin Bite. The night was spent battling lots of sharks all of which were released, and by about 3am, the screen started to show the Tuna moving back in for their morning feeding. Jigging was the ticket before daylight as the fish responded well to the jigs. Anthony reported releasing half a dozen on the jigs before daylight. All were 80-90 pound fish. As daylight approached, a trolling spread was deployed and THATS RIGHT trolled away from their chunking spot, turned around and trolled right back over it. Five on was the answer, as they battled and released 5 80-100 pound Bluefin on that pass alone. The result of the trip was approximately 20-25 Bluefin Tuna brought to the boat.

Up in Avalon, NJ the JUSTIFIED has been out on the Tuna grounds as well, putting a limit catch of Bluefin Together (80 and 40 pounder), along with a nice dolphin, fishing on the 19 Fathom Lump this past week. The Bluefish continue to keep every busy on our shorter trips, with reports of the Sea Isle Ridge being loaded up with smaller fish, along with Bonito.

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Bahamas Fishing Report

Bahamas Fishing - Blue Marlin, Grouper, Muttons,and Flag Yellowtails: Over the last two weeks, we've had the opportunity to fish just about every day, and venture away from San Salvador a bit. We've visited Cat Island, Rum Cay, and Conception Island along the way. Coming off the Full Moon, we expected the bite to take a few days to materialize, which it did. The first few days after the moon were pretty slow, with a couple dolphin picked here and there, a few small yellowfin, and about 1 Marlin sighting per day. We also expected the bottom fishing to be red hot on the June Moon, which did not disappoint. At night we caught the Mutton in full spawn, and the big Yellowtails showed, along with some nice Yellowfin Grouper on one anchorage. One evening our customers battled fish till 3am, with non-stop action. The sharks eventually get in on the game and take their fare share of fish, but what a blast. Conditions couldn't' have been better, as we had very light easterly winds for most of this stretch. Four days after the Full Moon, the Blue Marlin finally made a good showing. Off of Sandy Point in San Salvador, we raised 6 or 7 fish in the course of 4 hours of fishing. We had the next morning off, but expected to be right back on the fish that afternoon. We had been fishing a little fished area 5 miles off the point, towards Rum Cay. We had been getting bites in this area as we've been moving back and forth between San Salvador and Rum Cay, so we decided to take some time and fish the area, and it paid off. Unfortunately, after that spectacular morning, the fishing has been sporadic once again, with a few sightings here and there over the last several days of fishing. We believe that the main body of fish has yet to move through, and that July, and probably August is going to be offering some very good Blue Marlin fishing.

BOAT SCHEDULES REST OF SUMMER: LOW PROFILE finishes up it's Bahamas Fishing schedule this week and will head straight to Avalon, NJ to join the JUSTIFIED,which will be there there the rest of the season. JUSTIFIED is docked at Moran's Dockside, while LOW PROFILE will be back in it's normal slip at Avalon Point Marina on about July 4th. Capt. Joe Trainor is still running on Low Profile, and Capt. Neil Greenberg is at the helm of JUSTIFIED. In Ocean City, Maryland, TAHTS RIGHT has been at it since mid May, and just this week PRETTY WORK joined THATS RIGHT in MD for the rest of the Summer. Both boats are docked at Fisherman's Marina, a change from last year. We are no longer running out of the Ocean City Fishing Center. Capt. John Oughton is currently running THATS RIGHT, and Capt. Randy Frees is at the wheel of PRETTY WORK, with Anthony Frascatore keeping the two of them straight. In August, PRETTY WORK will once again be back in North Carolina, running out of Oregon Inlet for a few weeks, and like last season THATS RIGHT will join LOW PROFILE as the overnight tuna bite heats up and be fishing out of Avalon NJ for September and October.

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