2008-06-28 - Bluefin Tuna Bite is Red Hot
Just getting back from Blue Marlin Fishing in the Bahamas and listening to the reports from our Ocean City boats. Dang....John on THATS RIGHT reported catching just over 20 today (and last night). sounds like most are in the 70-100# class. I've also seen reports from previous days of 5-10 fish per day from both our boats, PRETTY WORK and THATS RIGHT. Have to get caught up on all the action from the last few days, but from what I gather it's been real good to the typical southern spots... Sounds like JUSTIFIED got in on the action as well, fishing out of Avalon, catching some nice fish too. Below is a pictures of a couple nice fish JUSTIFIED brought back to the dock at Moran's Dockside in Avalon, NJ.