2008-06-26 - Bahamas June Fishing Update
LOW PROFILE is just finishing up a busy month of fishing with some mixed results. To date, we believe the best of the marlin bite is yet to come, as to date, the bite has been sporadic. On our best day we had 6 bites in 4 hours of fishing. On several other days we went without seeing a fish. We had the opportunity to do some long range excursions and explore some new anchorages. On two nights in a row, just after the full moon, we had GREAT bottom fishing, catching 10-18 pound mutton snapper, 15-24 inch Yellowtails, Yellowfin Grouper, and lot of other miscellaneous species. We are catching an occasional yellowfin an dolphin, but they are now few an far between, as Blue Marlin has become the name of the game. Most of our fishing has been at the SW point of San Salvador, but we have also fished Cat Islan, Rum Cay, Conception Island, as well as the north end of San Salvador. Three more days of fishing for LOW PROFILE, then we head north to join the rest of the fleet and start beating up on the Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna off the NJ Coast.