2008-06-22 - June Moon Marlin Bite hits North Carolina - This weeks Over Under Fishing Report
Oregon Inlet, North Carolina THIS SAYS IT ALL.... Fishing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina continues to be very good. The big story once again is Blue Marlin! Not much more to say about it other than absolutely spectacular! Pretty Work did not score a blue marlin this week but only due to the fact that we did several inshore trips this week (lots of Blue fish and Spanish mackerals) and our offshore groups wanted to pursue Tuna. Tuna fishing was up and down this week with catches of anywhere from 2 to 3 per boat to 12 to 15 per boat depending on what day you went. The best tuna fishing went off from the Diamond Shoals tower in 40 to 200 fathoms. Also good catches of yellowfin tuna being reported from the point to around the 650 line from 20 to 200 fathoms. Tuna fishing seemed slow as we got to the weekend but bailer sized dolphin with a mix of gaffer helped make the slow tuna fishing a little easier to handle. If you went fishing here you got your share of dolphin. Blue Marlin showed very well due east of Oregon Inlet. Boats that targeted marlin saw anywhere from 2 to 6 a day. One brought in a 711lb blue marlin to the dock after releasing a 300lb earlier that day. The next day the same boat released three more! Once again these boats are targetting billfish. Several blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish were released by boats going for meat fish. Sounds like another great week of fishing behind us here in Oregon Inlet, North Carolina with lots more to come. Tight Lines, Capt. Randy Frees Pretty Work *************************************************************************** Ocean City, Maryland On Tuesday Captain John had That's Right out fishing off Ocean City and headed to the Hambone with plenty of bites for our young crowd. We were slow trolling nylons in fairly clean green water. Marked some bait on the bottom but no bluefins. Seems like the sandeels are moving in. On Friday we fished on 880 line in 600 fathoms between Poorman's and the Washington. The temperature break was from 66.5 to 73.8 degrees in just a few miles. Nice weed line, lots of debris. We found ourselves trolling 3 baits on Penn 16's and Penn tld's with 20lb and pitch baiting the rest with Spinners, Penn 850's with 20lb. We caught a fair amount of really nice fish. Our largest was a nice 42 pound Bull! We had a handful of large gaffers and quite a few 8 to 12 pounders. We trolled naked Ballyhoos and pitched some squids, and had a lot of fun. The water was clean and blue with lots of small flyers. We worked our way back inshore searching for the tuna bite in cooler water, but no luck. Regardless we had a great day in Ocean City!! Tight Lines! The Over Under Fishing Crew 1-866-OUA-TUNA ****************************************************************************** Avalon, NJ June 18, 2008 Today we fished a 5 hour inshore out of Avalon, New Jersey with a wonderful group of three adults and three small kids. We started off inside the 2FB buoy on two small lumps marking plenty of fish but no bites. Moving to the Sea Isle Ridge we caught plenty of small bluefish & bonito mainly on the east side of the ridge in 50 to 60 feet of water. The kids had a blast doing what kids should be doing...laughing and fishing! June 19, 2008 Today we again ran a 5 hour inshore fishing trip and this time our group consisted of four. I ran directly to my numbers from yesterday. On our way to the Sea Isle Ridge we passed a hump back whale about 6 miles offshore moving slowly north. Spectacular! We managed to catch & release over 20 bluefish along with bonito & spanish mackeral. The fish appear to be holding in the same area in 50 to 60 feet of water. An all around rewarding morning for all! Captain Neil Justified