2008-06-19 - The Fishing is Justified out of Avalon, New Jersey!
June 18, 2008 Today we fished a 5 hour inshore out of Avalon, New Jersey with a wonderful group of three adults and three small kids. We started off inside the 2FB buoy on two small lumps marking plenty of fish but no bites. Moving to the Sea Isle Ridge we caught plenty of small bluefish & bonito mainly on the east side of the ridge in 50 to 60 feet of water. The kids had a blast doing what kids should be doing...laughing and fishing! June 19, 2008 Today we again ran a 5 hour inshore fishing trip and this time our group consisted of four. I ran directly to my numbers from yesterday. On our way to the Sea Isle Ridge we passed a hump back whale about 6 miles offshore moving slowly north. Spectacular! We managed to catch & release over 20 bluefish along with bonito & spanish mackeral. The fish appear to be holding in the same area in 50 to 60 feet of water. An all around rewarding morning for all! Captain Neil Justified