2008-05-04 - Last 3 days in San Salvador - Fishing going off...1-4 on blue marlin with 12 dolphin and 2 tuna
Joe just called and said it continues to be incredible today (Sunday). They went 1-4 on Blue Marlin today on LOW PROFILE, catching 1 of a double header then jumping off two other fish (one pretty big one he said). They are fishing the north side of the island again, which is predominantly a tuna and wahoo spot... Joe said they had 12 dolphin and a couple yellowfin and were back at the dock at 2:00pm. Trey Friday and Saturday's reports from Joe: Fishing has been pretty much off the hook the past week or so. It has been just unbelievable . The best i have seen since I have been here ....and thats been four years. Today we started by bagging some dolphin and some smaller tuna. Then everything started to come together . Left rigger snapped on a ballyhoo islander combo and we came tight on out first blue marlin of the year. After some great jumps we released the estimated 300 plus blue boatside. Shortly after long rigger snapped again . I was unsure of what we had on until we got the fish boatside and yet another 60 lb yellowfin. Got everything back in the water and trolled around again for a bit . Started trolling some depper water looking for another billfish and we got what we were looking for. Long rigger popped again for a typical white marlin bite ...once again on an islander ballyho combo. Released this white shortly after . We* decided to spend the rest of the day looking for a a sailfish to get a slam to no avail. Doesnt get any better than it is now. Man it is unbelievable!!! Ok so after having 2 great days of fishing we decided to explore some* San Sal nightlife and fish a little later today. Left the dock at 9 today. Setting the lines out today we had a triple dolphin bite. After bagging abunch of dolphin right off the bat today we decided to switch things up a bit. Oh lord this meaning crew becomes the angler and angler the crew. We were all for it but man we stink. Well here we go ... we hook up to a very nice dolphin and man we get sharked . First dolphin sharked of the year. Shortly after we the crew come tight on a white marlin and man we jump that one off. I think i need some more practice. After fishing just* a couple hours we decided to deep drop for some dinner then do some snorkeling . Fishing remains off the hook!!!