2008-05-04 - Bahamas Fishing is Incredible, Keys not too bad either.

Bahamas Fishing - One of the Best Weeks Ever!

We ran our 6 day trip to Hogsty Reef, and were blessed with some absolutely great weather. We departed from Long Island and fished our way to Hogsty where we spent 2 nights on the anchor fishing and exploring the remote reef. A very cool place indeed, with 2 large prominent ship wrecks. On this trip we fished legendary places like Rum Cay, Crooked Island, the Acklins, and San Salvador. We spent 3 nights on the anchor and 3 nights at various marinas. The highlight of the fishing side of things was a 6 for 6 blitz of Yellowfin, up to 55 pounds. As a weak from rolled through, the fishing became absolutely awesome the last couple days of the trip. Read the full detailed account below and up on our web-site: Hogsty Reef Excursion

As our group from the Hogsty trip was finishing up their last day of fishing, George Poveromo and his film crew were flying in to film an ESPN2 episode for George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing. We hand picked this week a year ago, and had high expectations. Coming off two great days of fishing, we had some good results to report to George upon his arrival. The fishing for the next 2 and 1/2 days was nothing short of spectacular. We boated numerous dolphin up to 42 pounds, had an incredible tuna bite going on, catching fish into the 50 pound range, while loosing so many to sharks it was unbelievable. There was a school of much larger fish on the Hump this trip and both George and Trey gave it all they had, but neither was able to land one of the beasts, before the sharks got in on the act. We estimate that these were 100# class fish. Other highlights include a sailfish release and the grand daddy of them all a 113# Wahoo that was caught on the last morning. What a great trip, and we can't wait to see the show in January. They took over two hours of footage, which according to their crew is an incredible amount for a 20 minute episode.

After George left, fishing actually proceeded to continue to improve if that's possible. Here are Capt. Joe's reports from the last 2 days:

Blue Marlin , White Marlin,  Yellowfin and Dolphin

Fishing has been pretty much off the hook the past week or so. It has been just unbelievable . The best i have seen since I have been here ....and that's been four years. Today we started by bagging some dolphin and some smaller tuna. Then everything started to come together . Left rigger snapped on a ballyhoo islander combo and we came tight on out first blue marlin of the year. After some great jumps we released the estimated 300 plus blue boat side. Shortly after long rigger snapped again . I was unsure of what we had on until we got the fish boat side and yet another 60 lb yellowfin. Got everything back in the water and trolled around again for a bit . Started trolling some deeper water looking for another billfish and we got what we were looking for. Long rigger popped again for a typical white marlin bite ...once again on an islander ballyhoo combo. Released this white shortly after . We  decided to spend the rest of the day looking for a a sailfish to get a slam to no avail. Doesn't get any better than it is now. Man it is unbelievable!!!

Ok so after having 2 great days of fishing we decided to explore some  San Sal nightlife and fish a little later today. Left the dock at 9 today. Setting the lines out today we had a triple dolphin bite. After bagging a bunch of dolphin right off the bat today we decided to switch things up a bit. Oh lord... this meaning crew becomes the anglers and the anglers the crew. Thomas and I were all for it, but man we stink. Well here we go ... we hook up to a very nice dolphin and man we get sharked . First dolphin sharked of the year. Shortly after that, the crew come tight on a white marlin, and man we jump that one off. I think I need some more practice. After fishing just  a couple hours we decided to deep drop for some dinner then do some snorkeling . Fishing remains off the hook!!!

Florida Keys Fishing - Dolphin Offshore, Reef Fishing still hot and bonus Sailfish

While the offshore fishing is heating up, the fishing on the reef continues to produce great catches of flag Yellowtails. We've run a mix of inshore and offshore trips over the last week and encourage you to listen to the full audio report in the links below. Nice catches of dolphin, blackfin tuna, along with bonus sailfish graced us this week. Additionally there are now permit on the inshore wrecks and we hear the tarpon bite is on as well.

Audio Fishing Reports for the Florida Keys!

Tight Lines,

The Crew of Over Under Adventures

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