2008-04-19 - Bahamas and Florida Keys Fishing Remains Strong

Islamorada & Bahamas Fishing Reports

San Salvador Fishing - Moon Phases are generalizations only.... Yellowfin Fishing getting good...

We started our second half of the season Friday in San Salvador. As we left this morning after the strongest cold front of the year. Conditions were right for fishing. Setting the lines out at 715 we had a white up on the surface with just two lines in the water. We circled back ... never to be seen him again. Everything looked real good from the start. We boated some nice dolphin and some good sized blackfins for the area. Fishing slowed however as the tide started to fall. We ended the day catching a yellowfin and having some excellent deep dropping, catching a very mixed bag of queen snapper, yellow-eyes, button snapper, and black snapper. We have more tide to fish tomorrow morning and expecting the even better.

So I guess this report pretty much reminds us that forecasting fishing based on the "Moon" is a generalization, and certainly not a rule...yesterday was full moon...and here's the report:

Fishing Saturday in San Sal got off to a real good yellowfin bite today. We saw some fish skying today that seemed to be in the 100 lb range. However when the tuna are around so are the sharks. We boated 3 today and had our biggest yellowfin in quite some time eaten by a huge 400 lb shark. The bite lasted for about an hour. Our best lures were our cedar plug daisy chain and skirted ballyhoo. It seems the very large tuna dont mind eating the long riggers as we had some great bites up close today. After the yellowfin bite slowed we continued to catch blackfin as it appeared the yellowfin had gone deep for the day. Once again the first part of the falling tide was gthe best. We continued to catch some blackfin before continuing on to deep drop and snorkle. We expect the yellowfin bite to be as good tomorrow . Hopefully we can mix in some dolphin also.

Capt. Joe Trainor

Hogsty Reef Here We Come! - 6 Day Excursion Trip to some of the least explored waters of the Bahamas.

We are preparing to shove off on a six day trip down to the far reaches of the South East Bahamas. This is the longest range trip we've run yet. We will be going to HOGSTY REEF, which is about 40 miles below the bottom end of the Acklins Islands. We will depart from Flying Fish Marina on Long Island, where we will take on about 1000 gallons of fuel, which we expect to use. We will visit some of our favorite anchorages in the lee of Crooked Island and the Acklins, doing some free diving, mutton snapper, grouper, and yellow-tail fishing. Along the way we'll have the opportunity to fish a lot of great places including Diana Bank, Crooked Island, the Acklins, and possibly some more new places we've yet to explore such as the Plana Cays. We've got lots of good options and the extended weather forecast looks favorable at this point. Stay tuned, two weeks from today, as we will report back after being at sea the better part of the next 10 days.

Islamorada Fishing Report

We've had a very busy week of fishing in Islamorada, Florida Keys. The Spring Time fishing has kicked right into high gear with the Dolphin arriving for good. Yellowtail fishing continues to be excellent, and the Blackfin Tuna are all over the offshore humps. To listen to the first hand account of all the day's action, click on the individual report below. The only thing that didn't really work for us this week, was run offshore to do some daytime drops for Swordfish. A couple boats were out and there was only 1 bite between us (and it wasn't us). Other than that though, things have been very productive. Again, as we've seen pretty much everywhere we fish, Saturday's tend to be tough, and the weekday fishing is more productive.

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